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Email campaigns are the key tool in digital strategy today. Devise an email marketing strategy that is optimized and create a proven avenue to reach out to more customers and prospects.

American Cititrends Inc provides tailored email marketing campaign software that gives your company an edge in marketing endeavors. Understand how our software works, its features and let us help you leverage customer behavior and derive revenue out of your marketing campaigns.

Sending email campaigns just got easier.

Create your email campaigns with our Email Campaign Builder-or we can do it for you.

Our email campaign software provides,
  • An in-built STMP server
  • Email scheduling which is one time or recurring
  • Manages bounce rates and email processing features
  • Skips duplication of addresses in email lists
  • Sends personalised bulk emails to different recipients
  • Sends bulk email quicker with multi-thread delivery
  • Tracks emails with opens and other links
  • Limits email volumes via Exchange and SMTP servers
  • Supports major international languages and encodings
  • Personalizes email subject and body, including file attachments and images


Is it getting difficult for your sales team to get passed to the gatekeepers & connect to the right contact? Email marketing is indeed a highly effective method to reach out a customer base and see an increase in the conversion rates. At American CitiTrends, Inc, we provide numerous methods to get the advantage of this easy and beneficial approach of promotional activity through our Email Marketing services.

We have dedicated email marketing experts who are trained to work on these campaigns.

Want to reach a huge customer pool at once? At American CitiTrends, Inc, our Email marketing is highly cost efficient way to reach 100s of thousands of contacts at one go. In addition to quite low operational fees, e-mail marketing also presents an appealing return on investment (ROI).

Email marketing is highly inexpensive and requires small funding of time and resources in growing effective content. In addition to quite low operational fees, e-mail marketing also presents an appealing return on investment (ROI).