Custom Built List


Clients are unique and their requirements are different. American Cititrends Inc tailors email lists with comprehensive data records and information. Our lists understand that different companies have different target audiences and therefore require data that can be tailored and reaches out to its intended audience easily.

Our custom built lists are segregated based on specific industries and verticals. For technology and healthcare, two important verticals, our files cover users accordingly. Whether ERM, CRM or other software applications, our lists cover every kind of technology user, that can be tailored as per specifications.

We conduct detailed analysis to compile the most relevant and fresh data. Our lists are much sought after and you can avail of a complimentary sampling before you decide what custom database you seek.

Our custom database can allow you to,

  • Understand your customers and gain an in-depth knowledge of their work and activities
  • Increase your customer satisfaction index with targeted messaging
  • Increase ROI with targeted sales
  • Enhance customer retention
  • Apply special filters viz., Employee size, Revenue Size etc

International List


Globalisation is increasingly driving change, making it necessary for international clients, companies and entities to be connected and network. Details and information from across the globe is important, and the analysis of customer profiles from new and emerging markets across demographics and countries provides targeted insights, and contacts which can be garnered through tailored campaigns.

Online marketing has reduced distances and companies are increasingly reaching out to businesses, people and contemporaries across time zones to deliver services and products. Our international database is a concise list arrived at through considerable research, adheres to strict quality and designed to increase ROI.

International databases are fluid, untapped and a very productive resource. Our research ensures that contacts from across the world including emerging markets such as Japan and China can be sourced, tailored to specific database requirements and help in new client acquisition.

Mailing List


Our business solutions to the corporate world.

Our expertise in list solutions, helps you to take your business a notch ahead by enabling you to expand the scope of your marketing and business and generate optimum quality leads for your organizational growth. Our business solutions to the corporate world in the form of business and consumer mailing lists are unsurpassed. We identify the most salient leads for your business, and then customize these leads to fit precisely into the nature of your business, thereby helping you to realize rapid growth in revenue through increased presence and enhanced business alliance.

The email has quickly become an integral and highly effective tool in the present-day business environment. It provides for a quick and easy means to connect to prospective business partners, clients, consumers and other stakeholders in the market. At American CitiTrends, Inc, we have an extensive database of business mailing lists that helps you to reach out to your target stakeholders, partners and potential customers/consumers. We proudly aver that all our clients have experienced an astounding cent percent increase in growth and revenue through our Mailing List Solutions.

Technology List


Insights that can help industries stay ahead of the competition

Advancements in Technology have been instrumental in bringing about a sea change in the global economy. Now technological developments, including the printing press, the telephone, and the Internet, have lessened physical barriers to communication and allowed humans to interact freely on a global scale. Creative uses of technology provide new opportunities to enable two-way information flows between Industries and consumers world-wide. The near-universal reach of mobile communications combined with interactive-mapping and social media empowers consumers to communicate directly with industries and service providers, and this in turn facilitates business insights that can help industries stay ahead of the competition.

At American Cititrends, Inc, we have keenly observed the trends of the industries and markets and compiled an extensive list of the state-of-the-art technologies available and the consumers who are availing these innovations, thus encouraging you too, to be a part of these new-age knowledge revolution and propel your business ahead.

Content Marketing


At American Cititrends, Inc, we have a dedicated content marketing team that fully works as per the client’s content needs. From website content to emails, blogs, articles, social media content posts, infographics, creative, etc. Everything is packed with our content marketing services.

Benefits of Content Marketing:

  • Content marketing is cost effective.
  • More the relevant content shared, the greater is the site visitors drive to the website.
  • Content, advertising permits you to bring in sudden customers.
  • With content marketing get greater clients to interact with effective content marketing materials.
  • Relevant content helps in building reliability.



Any kind of services that fall outside the above categories can be broadly fitted into this industry. Companies and businesses in medicine, legal, retail, educational, engineering etc. and individuals that provide them, their data and information is compiled by American Cititrends Inc. We ensure that our processes pull out only the most relevant and quality database and also that your product or service reaches its right audience providing optimal ROI.

  • Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps, and other Lodging Places Commercial or non-commercial entities in the housing, hotel, lodging and camping space come under this sub sector.
  • Automotive Repair, Services, and Parking Repair of automobiles, selling of parts, parking come under this sub-sector.
  • Business Services: Services catering to businesses on a contractual or fee-based system including claims, software development fall under this sub sector.
  • Amusement and Recreation Services Establishments involved in recreational services or for amusement, gaming and sporting can be categorized here.
  • Health Services Health is an important category of the services industry, dealing with people's lives. Hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, blood banks and any entity providing healthcare facilities, treatment and related services falls under this category.
  • Educational Services Education is essential for development and progress and this learning is provided by institutions such as schools, colleges, tuition centers, management schools and universities.
  • Social Services Establishments engaged in social services work for the betterment of the community, repair the moral fabric of society. Any organization providing this falls within this sub category. This includes old age homes, orphanages, environmental services, and women's rights organizations.
  • Legal Services The legal care of society is necessary for its smooth functioning and companies that provide legal advice and prosecute criminal offences, labor atrocities and delinquency fall within this category.
  • Personal Services Photography services, laundry services, beauty services and other specific work required for day to day functioning fall under this category.
  • Film Services An important aspect of services that throw light on social commentary, films and television material provide entertainment and highlight important issues. Companies involved in their production, creation, distribution and exhibition fall under this category.
  • Museums, Art Galleries and Gardens Besides entertainment and recreation, these places also provide education and teach preservation and are a part of tourism and cultural history and they belong to this category.
  • Household Services Households that employ the services of people, domestic workers such as maids, bodyguards, valets and security guards fall under this category.

Finance, Banking & Insurance


The Finance, banking and insurance industry enables large and small scale financial transactions, controls and facilitates transactions including the payment for services, depository entities, investment, businesses and safeguarding personal interests. This segment controls all kinds of monetary activities.

The insurance industry pertains to insurance companies, agencies, brokers and agents.

American Cititrends Inc has access to a large group of individuals and brands in the finance segment who are concerned with the core functioning of the industry. Apart from the gains, the finance industries also put themselves at a constant (calculated) risk by providing loans, facilitating financial transactions and creating a lender investor relationship. Our database of entities is considerable, concise and huge with entities and companies involved in insurance, finance, banking, loans, brokerage services, fund management and everything else. We extract relevant information and list contacts after careful research and deliberation. Your product and service can be targeted to a precise base of individuals that will in turn work for the growth of your company.



Businesses in the mining sector are involved with oil, gas and quarrying, specifically naturally occurring mineral and gas extraction. Petroleum, minerals, natural gas and coal are the target products.

American Cititrends database is extensive and comprehensive and categorized based on operational area. Our database has all kinds of information including directors and owners of companies, decision makers and executives in the oil and gas extraction, mining and quarrying industry. If you want to get off to a flying start in the industry, reach out to us for a detailed list.

  • METAL MINING The extraction of mineral ores (metals) are done by establishments that play a support role in the industry on a contract or turnkey basis. Grinding, crushing, washing, and drying are tasks performed by these establishments for the extraction of pigments, alloys and chemicals.
  • BITUMINOUS COAL & LIGNITE MINING Anthracite, bituminous coal and lignite are very important minerals essential in proper function of mining operations and washeries or preparation plants.
  • OIL AND GAS EXTRACTION Industries in the oil and gas sector are specifically concerned with the extraction process. Exploration procedures, processes involved with drilling and equipping, emulsion breakers, de-silting and oil and gas preparation equipment come under this sub-category.
  • MINING AND QUARRYING OF NON-METALLIC MINERALS, EXCEPT FUEL The development of mines, the mining and quarrying process and exploration of non-metallic minerals, except fuel fall under this sub-category. Crushing, grinding, and washing also come under this.
  • MINING SUPPORT ACTIVITY The mining industry requires constant support. This includes reconnaissance of sites, taking core samples, excavation of cellars and general gas operations.



The construction sector is one of the largest industries with key players involved in the economic growth and development of cities. Construction of new buildings, reconstruction and redevelopment of existing ones, repairs, renovations and alterations comprise a major work aspect of this sector. Held in high esteem, construction magnates hold the future of a society and development of its infrastructure and economy.

Besides the planning and processing, this industry is also responsible for providing the maximum number of jobs at the grass root level. Apart from regular construction, heavy construction activities is also covered under this sector.

The special building contractor segment manages specific activity in construction. Accessory services such as plumbing, painting and electrical works are done by vendors subcontracted with the performance of such tasks. They are either hired by regular contractors or property owners/builders themselves. Gardening, lawn work, installations, air conditioning, elevators and escalators in large buildings and insulation systems also fall under this main industry vertical.

American Cititrends understands the vastness of the business and has key data of movers and shakers in the construction industry right from CEO's, to management, including executives and employees. Important and necessary data is obtained by studying and compiling records and directories and analyzing the significance of each role.

  • Building Construction General Contractors and Operative Builders Regular contractors and builders, including special trade contractors fall under this sub category. General contractors manage buildings, theatres, apartments, schools and hospitals.
  • Heavy Construction other than Building Construction Contractors Road construction, building of drains, sewers, airport runways, marine construction and irrigation projects are handled by this sub sector. Heavy construction such as rock removal, trenching and asphalting also come under this.
  • Construction Special Trade Contractors A small but vital link of the construction industry, the special trade contractors provide unique services that include painting, traffic felicitation and mobile homes.



The manufacturing industry is a broad sphere that includes chemical or mechanical conversion of materials into a different material. Companies that use large sources of energy and equipment, such as factories, mills and plants fall under this sub sector. Tools, components and device producers including material blending processes also fall under this.

The creation of a new product using existing material is a huge segment and many industries are involved in this manufacturing sector. Given the diverse and humungous data that is available, it takes a certain kind of expertise to industry insight, contacts and infrastructure to gather relevant information from the industry.

American Cititrends has the skills and industry knowledge, including research capabilities to contact and collect information with complete database and lists across segments.

If you feel your new product, service or idea is perfect for the manufacturing industry, we have the database of the relevant people to showcase it to. Reach out to us to connect with the right people in the manufacturing industry. This industry is not watertight and there is much overlap with shipping, transport and equipment industries, and we have the relevant database that covers them all.

  • Food and Kindred Products Food is the life source of economy and industry and the food and kindred products sub sector includes those companies that are involved in the manufacture and processing of food and beverages. Vegetable oil and animal fat, sparingly used products such as chocolates, chewing gums and ice cream also come under this sub sector.
  • Tobacco Products Tobacco, due to its high consumption is an essential part of the manufacturing industry. Production of tobacco based products such as cigarettes, snuff and chewing tobacco, including stemming and re-drying tobacco come under this sub sector. Non-tobacco product companies also fall under this.
  • Textile Mill Products Textile mill products include those companies that are involved with the production and sourcing of yarn, twine, fabrics, woven into fabrics such as carpets, yarns, rugs and cloth. Dyeing and fabric finishing including chemical treatment of yarn, coating and waterproofing are also included in this sub sector.
  • Apparel and other Finished Products Made from Fabrics and Similar Materials The production of clothing and apparel from woven fabric is a part of this sub sector. Cutting, measuring and sewing materials, manufacturing of clothing and fabric accessories such as bags, rubber and leather material, including knitting mills, dress units and tailoring workshops also fall within this manufacturing sector.
  • Lumber and Wood Products, except Furniture Companies that provide timber services, sawing and wood pulp, plywood and veneer mills, in fact any company that is involved with production of lumber falls under this sub sector.
  • Furniture and Fixtures Fixtures for homes and offices, commercial buildings, restaurants including furnishing for these places fall within this sub sector.
  • Paper and Allied Products The manufacture of wood pulp, cellulose to produce paper and paper products falls under this sub sector of manufacturing.
  • Printing, Publishing, and Allied Industries Printing companies and publishing of any kind of materials falls within this subsector.
  • Chemicals and Allied Products Companies involved in the production and preparation of chemicals or any kind of product with chemical processes, fall under this sub sector.
  • Petroleum Refining and Related Industries Industries involved in the drilling, refining and manufacturing of materials used for paving and compounding lubricating oils fall under this sector.
  • Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastics Products Products manufactured from plastic resins, and natural/synthetic/reclaimed rubber products and their industries fall under this.
  • Leather and Leather Products Leather industries are those that are involved in the tanning, currying and finish of hides, manufacturing natural and artificial leather products, including leather converting services.
  • Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products Businesses involved in flat glass and glass products, clay and gypsum products, cement, cut stone and asbestos falls under this sub category of manufacturing.
  • Primary Metal Industries Iron and steel foundries, smelting and refining of nonferrous minerals, blast furnaces and finishing mills, casting foundries and miscellaneous products come under this sub segment of manufacturing.
  • Fabricated Metal Products, except Machinery and Transportation Equipment Fabricated metal such as wires, forging and stamping not used for machinery or transportation equipment fall under this sub sector.
  • Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment Industrial use and computing equipment industries fall under this manufacturing sub-segment.
  • Electronic and other Electrical Equipment and Components, except Computer Equipment With exception of computer parts and peripherals, all electronic equipment, electric components such as electric appliances, lighting and wiring equipment and parts fall under this sub sector.
  • Transportation Equipment The production of equipment used for transportation of goods or passengers falls under this sub sector.
  • Measuring, Analyzing, and Controlling Instruments Companies used in the manufacture of products used in photographic, medical and optical Goods including watches and clocks fall within this sub vertical.

Transportation & Public Utilities


An important industry, transportation companies provide services to public and private sector companies and general public. This wide segment can either include large freight transport, cargo or common public transport. Public utility services include the provision of steam, water, gas and electricity to public and private companies.

There are several companies belonging to various other industries that depend on transportation for their functioning and functional support. American Cititrends possesses the database with contact details, information, data and analysis of the industry. We ensure that our clients have with them a vast database of valuable people from the industry.

  • Railroad Transport Railways are an important cog in the wheel of a nation’s functioning. Transporting millions of people across the country, covering great distances in a short time and smooth functioning of transport is very essential and this depends on companies who provide services and equipment towards their proper functioning.
  • Local and Suburban Transit and Interurban Passenger Transportation Functional or operative assistance and support for local, inter-urban and sub-urban transport come under this sub sector.
  • Motor Freight Transport and Warehousing Trucking or transfer services locally or outstation fall within this segment. Companies providing storage services for furniture and farm products are also included.
  • Water Transport Transportation services offered on water bodies, such as ferrying, towing, passenger and excursion fall within this sub-category.
  • Postal Service Companies that provide service or assistance to the Indian Postal service transport fall under this category.
  • Air Transport Air transport is one of the century’s greatest marvels. It makes travel across continents in one day entirely possible. People, cargo and freight can be transported across great distances quickly and companies that support and provides air transport services fall within this sub sector. Air transport also involves aerial photography, crop dusting and other recreational services such as sightseeing and sky diving.
  • Pipelines, except Natural Gas Services provided for transport of petroleum, and good and commodities except natural gas fall under this sub sector.
  • Transportation Services (Incidental) Incidental services to the transport industry such as forwarding, packing and freight transportation fall under this sub sector.
  • Communications Radio, television and other point to point communication services including telecom communications come under this sub category.
  • Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services Companies involved in the creation, distribution and transmission of gas electricity and sanitation services come under this sub industry.

Wholesale Trade


Direct trade from sellers to retailers constitute wholesale trade. Whether for institutional, commercial, industrial, farming purpose, companies that fall under this category except selling or inventory of existing goods falls under this sub sector. This industry also includes contractors and mediators, including those that deal with or operate as brokers and agents facilitating the process of wholesale trade. The assembling, sorting and grading of goods, performed by merchants, importers and exporters, associations that facilitate buyers and voluntary wholesalers also come within this.

American Cititrends analytics and data capture ensures we have the contact details for every entity and individual that is a part of the wholesale trading community. Our detailed oriented processes are assisted by specialized teams to put together databases and create member listings of the industry. We ensure your communication reaches its right target audience, and reaps you rich dividends.

  • Wholesale Trade-Durable Goods Goods that don’t wear out easily fall under this segment. Durable goods last for a longer length of time, and include electronic items such as refrigerators, TV and vehicles. Companies that manufacture or service products in this industry fall under this sub sector.
  • Wholesale Trade-Nondurable Goods Goods that don’t have a long shelf life and cannot be used indefinitely fall under this sub category. Also called soft goods, food is one such product and companies that perform wholesale trade of non-durable goods belong here.

Retail Trade


Companies that are involved in the sale of products for use in professional, personal and industrial consumption fall under the retail industry. This industry also includes services rendered for the smooth functioning of the industry including trade, sales promotion and marketing for regular consumers.

The acquisition of individual and company details essential to the functioning and process of the retail industry is an important task and American Cititrends understands and incorporates a solid process. The processes may either be business retailing to consumers directly or businesses retailing to other businesses. Sales are one of the most significant processes in the retail industry. Incident expenses, impulse buying and sales are also factors that affect this industry. We have the database for this complex industry even though the data collection is comparatively hard. Data is gathered, segregated and its veracity confirmed only to give you the best.

  • Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply, and Mobile Home Dealers Retail companies involved in building, garden requisites, hardware and mobile houses including material supplies such as plants, lumber, hardware, glass and wallpaper fall within this sub category. Air conditioning, heating and plumbing services also belong here.
  • General Merchandize Merchandize stores that sell a large number of goods across categories such as furniture, home furnishings, clothing and apparel and food items fall under this sub category. Provision stores, general and departmental stores come under this segment.
  • Apparel and Accessory Stores Stores selling accessories, clothing and apparel of any kind fall under this segment.
  • Food Stores Stores that sell food items including dry and cooked food, drinks including on - premise consumption fall under this sub category.
  • Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Stations The stores and dealers that deal with the sale of used and new automobiles, utility vehicles, recreational vehicles come under this sub-category.
  • Eating and Drinking Places Retails places that sell food and drinks for immediate consumption come under this sub sector.
  • Miscellaneous Retail Liquor stores, pharmacies, drug stores, fuel dealers apart from the above come under this sub-category.